Top Five NFL Football Players You Should Follow on Twitter (Chris Kluwe Will Never Make This List)

Chad Johnson – Yeah, he’s out of football, he’s a train wreck and a freak show but everyone should still follow him because of this epic tweet:


Bacarri Rambo – His name is Bacarri Rambo!

Darnell Docket – “I love rabbit guts, pig feet, fried roaches and boiled termites! I’m just fucking diffent! …. Oh I play football for the NFL” He also went feudal on AJ McCarron who isn’t going to be an NFL QB just like every Alabama QB before him.

Tom Crabtree – If you don’t know who he is, don’t be ashamed most people don’t. Here’s some tasty snacks from his twitter account:

“God i’m so jacked for football with this Keith Urban concert sponsored by Pepsi”

“God i’m so jacked up for football right now. Ryan Seacrest on the field gave me chills. Beautiful.”

“You think if i woke my wife up she would go make me some pancakes right now? Probably, right?”

How About We – This is where I meet hot chicks. Not kidding!

Wes Welker– His tweets about facial hair are legendary. He’s a Red Raider. Tom Brady had a man crush on him so much that he couldn’t stop throwing him the ball. He’s a short white guy who happens to play a position that isn’t meant for short white guys. His wife went epic on Ray Lewis.